In the past one of my favorite things to do at a baseball game, besides enjoy a nice cold Coke and French Fries, was to get tan. I NEVER wore a cap. In fact, I did everything I could to maximize the sun on my face and decollete. Gasp. When I think back…there was absolutely no trace of sunscreen either. Even during early fall football games, I maximized my time in the stands under the sun to extend my summer tan. Sound familiar? I was a self-proclaimed Sun Goddess. The more sun on me the better!

About 5 years ago though that Sun Goddess status changed. Thankfully it wasn’t prompted by a health scare. I simply met my aesthetician, Natalie Maibenko. Natalie was/is unlike any other aesthetician I have ever met. Her incredible knowledge about the skin and proper skin care was so impressive. Admittedly, it didn’t hurt that she had the most gorgeous skin I had ever seen! I mean I know genetics plays a big part in great skin, but whatever she was doing to have skin like that, I was going to do as well!

So let’s fast forward 5 years… After a photo shoot a few months ago, I shared with Natalie my concerns over the fine lines and wrinkles I was seeing in the photos. Natalie, knowing that Botox is not an option for me right now, suggested that I try a new, cutting edge treatment called “CooLifting” that she had literally just introduced to her clients that week. Now if Natalie suggests a product or service, I try it. That’s how much I trust her. She explained that “Cool Lifting” was non-invasive and was in line with her philosophy on skin care. She also told me that her spa, Unique Verve, is the only spa in Boston to offer this service!

I have done two “CooLifting” treatments to date and I am definitely addicted! I feel fresh faced and glowing which is such a great feeling, especially before a photo shoot!  Thanks to Natalie my skin is looking better than ever and my baseball cap collection is nearing 100.  These days you’d also be hard pressed to find me under the sun without one on.  As baseball caps have become my “thing”, “CooLifting” has as well. I encourage every Game Goddess to give it a try!