I have to say I was a bit skeptical about making the foray into the world of daily/weekly fantasy football. It was just so off-putting to me. Maybe it was the signage colors? (I mean I’m not a big fan of green unless of course it’s Celtics green.) Or maybe it was the creepy guy on one of the two sites giving a useless “How To” video. I feel icky just thinking about him.  But when I think back, I thought similarly of season long fantasy football. And I got over that by finding a way to enjoy fantasy football the way I enjoy watching sports-I brought in my sisters and girlfriends and we did it with style. So, why not try the same with daily/weekly fantasy sports?

Fast forward to last week at the Chanel store in Boston. While there for an event celebrating their iconic ballerina flat, I got distracted by the most gorgeous hot pink Boy Bag. Said bag,  I think I’ve previously mentioned (but bears repeating) is so not in my budget this season. But that’s when it hit me. I’m going to play daily/weekly fantasy football and I’m going to play to win the money to buy this bag that must be mine!

On a mission to fund my bag dreams, I decided that this past weekend I would try out Fan Duel. I placed a nominal $25 bet and because I finished in the top 50 in my league, I won $45. Not bad I thought for just dipping my toe in the water. What really caught me by surprise, however, was how much I enjoyed this quick turnaround. I really paid attention to the games I was watching and kept an even sharper eye out for other players I might want in my league next week. And because I got my sister invested in the outcome, it made it that much more fun!

This week I’ll be trying out the Draft Kings site and then I’ll bring you all the deets on which site I prefer. Maybe even draw you up a little tutorial. After all, I know there’s probably a bag you’d like to play for this season!

I’d love to know if you play daily/weekly fantasy football. And if not, why not?