Every year, my mother asks me to choose what I want for my birthday. Usually, I pick a gift certificate to Amazon.com. But this year, on the day she asked me what I wanted, the Seahawks announced when tickets were going on sale for the 2014 season.

And I had the world’s greatest idea.

“Hey Mom, what would you think if I used the money on Seahawks tickets?”

“Of course! Are you going to take someone with you?”

“Uh…I didn’t even think about it. I think I’d rather use the money to go to two games by myself.”

When the tickets went on sale on July 21st, I jumped online and bought two: one to the game against the Giants (as a nod to my hometown, New York City) and the other to the game against the Cowboys (because, the Cowboys). I got amazing seats, and then immediately passed out from excitement.

When I started telling people about the tickets, however, I got the same reaction as I’d gotten from my mother: “Who are you going with?” The exception to this was my husband, who has no interest in sports whatsoever and therefore knew that he wasn’t coming along. All he said was, “You’re going by yourself? Like a weirdo?

But what surprised me most the fact that these people were surprised. I have a husband who would much rather be almost anywhere than at a live football game, six-year-old twins who I have no interest in trying to corral at a stadium, and wonderful friends who kinda enjoy football, but who don’t need to be dragged to a game.

Beyond all that, I’m a little too old to be insecure about being somewhere by myself. I’m a married mother of two in my late-30s, and I don’t give a particular shit what anyone thinks of me. I don’t feel embarrassed. I don’t wonder what people will think of me. Bring my kindle, buy a soda, and have the time of my life.

Of course, maybe their surprise wasn’t about me, or the idea of a woman going out alone. Football, after all, is a team sport that’s usually watched in groups, full of camaraderie and high fives. I get it: Who do you high five when you’re by yourself?

Still, I’m not concerned. Even though I consider myself something of a socially awkward introvert, being alone in social settings is my spirit animal. I’m not worried that I won’t have a good time by myself. I mean, I am going to be in the second row at CenturyLink Field for a Seahawks game. How could that be anything but a blast?! I’ll be screaming with the 12th man during the game. During time-outs, I’m going to be watching the players and coaches and try to figure out if perhaps newly-divorced Russell Wilson has a thing for pudgy married moms. During halftime, I’ll get on my iPhone and watch cat videos like any other great American. And then after the game I’ll ride out on a wave of good cheer after we destroy our opponents.

I. Am. Psyched.

MEREDITH BLAND is a writer living in Seattle (check her out at pileofbabies.com). She loves writing the funny, sleeping, and all things Seahawks.