I obsess over handbags. Sometimes I don’t get out the door on time due to bag selection change-up. Feel me? The NFL, however, with its new bag policy (this is year four) is really helping me get to the game on time. For me being late to a game is like missing the previews at the movies. Not happening. So with their hard and fast direction on size I’m pretty selection restricted. Not wanting to get stuck stuffing things into my pockets (thanks, but I go to the gym to make sure there are no extra bulges in those areas), I developed a selection criteria so I always have the perfect bag for a game. Here is my DREAM bag for the season and how it meets my game day bag criteria:

Wallet on a Chain Chanel, Boston

  • Practical? See no hands, Ma! A cross body bag leaves my hands free for cheering and eating.
  • Trendy? Chanel is ALWAYS on trend
  • NFL-appropriate? Fits NFL stadium guidelines for size.
  • Will it hold? Cash, cards, keys, some gloss, go comb, iPhone 6

Chanel Bag Contents

Chanel a little bit out of your budget? I totally feel ya. But not to worry, Hera’s got you covered. Next week we’re rolling out an amazing list of our top picks for stadium friendly, trendy bags. We’re going hi-lo so there will be something fabulous for every budget!

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