Sharing the story of Hera Sport is something I love to do. So when writer Jill Radsken asked to feature the story of Hera in the Boston Sunday Globe, I was ecstatic.  After my initial discussions with her I thought to myself,  “this woman really gets Hera!” I was right. Jill did an amazing job capturing the Hera story; from my days as a little girl watching Sunday football with my mother and sisters (while my father cooked us lunch) to my days caring for the shirts of a one Robert Kraft at our family dry cleaning business.

Sports and style have never been mutually exclusive to me. I believe that as women we bring a natural sense of style to everything we do. My mother illustrated that for me with sports and I hope to be able to do that for all of you as well!

Thanks so much to Jill Radsken for taking the time to so thoughtfully tell the story of Hera Sport.  You can read Jill’s piece on Hera Sport right here!