Whether you already love football and want to enhance your experience or you think Fantasy Football is just an intimidating guy thing; Hera’s got you covered! With everything you need to know – from time management to talking Fantasy Football with the guys!

Playing Fantasy Football is a fun way to connect with your girlfriends and to be part of the office conversation.

I’ve always loved football but fantasy football was like a foreign language to me, as much as Itried I just didn’t really get it. I started to feel a bit resentful of the guys who played, always hearing them talk and brag about their fantasy teams— it made me crazy and I didn’t want to be left out!

The idea of plowing through male dominated Fantasy Football websites and magazines in order to play the game seemed like too tedious of a task. I thought, if I wasn’t up to the job of learning fantasy football, what about the other women who wanted to play? At that moment, I made the decision to learn the game and to share my knowledge with every other Game Goddess who wanted to learn! And so, I created the Goddess Guide to Fantasy Football.


-The Goddess Guide to Fantasy Football (35+ Page PDF)

-NFL Season Schedules + Bye-weeks for ALL teams

-Insider Pro Tips & How-To’s

-BONUS: Exclusive access to Hera’s private Fantasy Football FB group for 24/7 support!

Build the confidence to join a fantasy football league TODAY, or start one of your own!



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