In the past, I used to have so much anxiety about what to wear to an NFL game. I always felt insecure if I looked too trendy or “girlie.” I hated feeling that I was being judged by what I wore! In other words, if I cared about what I wore to a game then I couldn’t possibly be a “real fan.” I was either there to find a man OR there to tag along with my boyfriend. It was a type of shaming and it came from both men and women.

At the time, I thought I was the only woman with this anxiety. As I shared my feelings with other women, I found out they too had the same concerns about getting dressed for a game! And, because they feared the fan shaming? They would simply default to very masculine sports gear, so as not to call attention to themselves. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you feel best sporting that look, go for it girl! I’m just here to say there is another option. You can be rock an outfit at an NFL stadium that is on trend, feminine AND practical at the same time!

So let me reiterate this for you, Game Goddess; expressing your sense of style at a football game does not make you less of a fan. It just makes you, you. And remember that nobody can tell you what kind of sports fan you are. You decide. And you rock that like a woman, in style. In the video below, checkout Hera’s ideas for an on trend, comfortable and practical game day outfit.


What are you sporting to your NFL stadium? Snap a pic & tag #gamegoddessstyle so we can see what you’re loving!