New to football? Don’t have a clue which team to cheer for? Not to worry! I promised you a little guidance and here it is:

Uniform Decision
I’m not being funny here. My cousin has been a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan for over 20 years. How did she become a fan? When she knew nothing about football, a guy asked her which team was going to win the game. She chose the Cowboys because she liked their uniform colors. Now she understands the game as well as any guy. Badass. Check out all 32 NFL team logos here.

Geography Lesson
You have a favorite state? A place you’ve always wanted to travel? See if there’s a team there. No clue where the teams are? Find them on this map! Just an FYI, there’s no pro team in Hawaii or I would have been on that!

Hot or Not?
Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers), Luke Kuechly (Carolina Panthers), Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals), etc. See the full list of the 25 sexiest NFL players here.

Jump on the Bandwagon
It’s always safe to go with the reigning Super Bowl champions. And they would be the Denver Broncos.

Love the One You’re With
What a great bonding experience cheering for the same team. And celebrating after a win is even better! If your relationship dynamic is competitive, choose your significant other’s team rival.

I’d love to know who you’re going to be cheering for this season and why! Let me know in the comments!