Baseball caps can certainly come in handy as a bad hair day Band-Aid, or a way to protect against that chance of rain, but they don’t need to look like a last resort. Here are 5 hair ideas for ensuring your locks look as cute as the cap covering them.

1. The Half-Iron
Straight looks great under a cap. Take a flatiron to the parts of the hair that the hat doesn’t cover. No one will ever know the rest of your head looks like a robin preparing its nest for winter.

2. Loose Curls
Divide your hair in two, as if you’re going to tie pigtails, then twist the two parts into a bun. Wait an hour and release. Soft, loose curls await. The hair near your head will be flat but, then, that’s what the cap is for.

3. The Ponytail
A high pony strung through the back of the hat is an easy go-to, for sure, but also try a low, loose side ponytail or pigtails (pull them forward over your shoulders to avoid a too-cute look). And instead of a tight pull, consider letting a few strands to peek out for a softer look.

4. Braids
Fishtail, pigtail braids, a half-head French, a low-side braid—braids don’t interfere with the fit of the hat but add a playful polish.

5. The Bedhead
Some of the best looks come from not trying too hard, so don’t. Leave your hair as it is—straight, curly, or somewhere in between—and let the choice of hat assume the starring role. Work in a little product to add some texture, if needed.