Drinking beer and yelling at a screen with fellow comrades: It’s an American tradition as old as baseball itself. Whether you’re away in a new town to root for your home team or looking for a classic place to catch the game in your own city, here are some surefire, time-won baseball bars for good, classic getting’ drunk and hollerin’ with some of the rowdiest fans around.

Billy Goat Tavern, Chicago
Depending on who you root for, it’ll feel either counterintuitive or appropriate to patronize the very establishment of the man who cursed The Cubs forever by bringing a goat to a World Series game. That certainly doesn’t stop faithful Chicago regulars from pulling up to the bar at the original North Michigan location. And why not? Billy Goat himself hangs out behind the Formica bar tops, and his Double Cheezborgers are still the stuff of legends.

Bleacher Bar, Boston
(photo above) The Bleacher Bar on Lansdowne probably saves a lot on cable because when they fill up, everyone can get a good view and it’s not from a slab of pixels mounted on a wall (guys can even catch a decent views from the urinals). Located under the bleachers at Fenway, a seat at the bar is a big-ticket item for those who can’t get an actual ticket.

Foley’s NY Pub & Restaurant, New York
You gotta appreciate a bar that’s downright nerdy about its baseball fanaticism. Named after Arthur “Red” Foley, the famous baseball scorer, this pub’s got a David Robertson Chicken Pot Pie, a David Wright Sandwich, and—legit—the biggest public display of sports memorabilia in the country. Whatever game is happening, they are ready to go.

Yankee Tavern, New York
Then again, if you find yourself in the Bronx leaving a game, or arriving early for one, there’s always Yankee Tavern, another beer-soaked portal into gilded baseball history. Once the regular hangout of Lou Gehrig, Yogi Berra and Baby Ruth, the bar is now a living museum for the Yanks—one that happens to serve $3-4 drafts every day from 4 to 7.

Camden Pub, Baltimore
Famous for its pre-game parties, Camden Pub is two blocks away from Oriole Park at Camden Yards and four from Ravens Stadium. With a menu that includes overstuffed sandwiches (half a pound of roast beef in a Kaiser roll, now that is a home run), giant wings, and homemade crab dip (because God bless Baltimore), O’s fans are gonna need to come hungry.

JESSICA WEI is a travel writer and editor in Montreal. An accidental Habs fan, she feels every goal spiritually but doesn’t really understand offsides (yet).